Sage offers many extended solution enhancements to its Mas 90 and Mas 200 software. Here are some examples:

AP Cash Basis Accounting and History Posting
AP Distribution Table in Invoice Entry: Pre-defined tables of GL acct’s and percentages to allocate expenses
AP Electronic Payment – post check entries to NACHA format files
AP Multi-Company Aging and Multi-Company Vendor Synchronization
AR Ship to Addresses (if you aren’t using the Sales Order system) to allow multiple ship-to addresses
AR National Accounts – allows Bill-To Master-Customers
AR Multi-Company AR Customer Synchronization
Bank Rec Multi Company Bank Reconciliation
Bank Rec Positive Pay Export
Custom Office: Add User Defined Fields to Inventory Lot and Serial numbers
GL Multi-Company GL Account Synchronization
Inventory – Add Batch Processing for Inventory Transactions Entry
Inventory – Enhanced Alias Item Search and Entry
Inventory – Lot and Serial number Search and Inquiry
Payroll – Tax and Deduction Liability – Automatically create AP invoices for Payroll Employer Tax checks and “Other” deductions.
Payroll – Direct Deposit Interface puts direct deposits into NACHA files
Sales Order – Authorized Purchase Control by Customer or State
Sales Order – Multiple Sales Orders on Single Invoice
Sales Order – Commissions by Line Item – Override rates on Orders and Invoices on a line item basis.

Call Friendly Systems if you have a specific situation and we will research to see if there are existing Extended Solutions that can work for you.

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