MAS90 & MAS 200 version 4.20 for “early adopters” was released in December, so version 4.20 is in it’s final testing stage.

Service Update for Sage MAS 90 & MAS 200 was released in December 2006.

We speculate that Sage has been delaying MAS 90 version 4.20 while they continue to release corrections for MAS 90 & MAS 200 version 4.1. Since its original release, the version 4.10 Sales Order module has had 122 corrections/changes.

The Service Update includes all previous service-update changes. The new group of changes affect the following modules the most:

Accounts Receivable: 11 changes

Ebusiness Manager: 8 changes

Sales Order module: 12 changes, including 4 changes affecting Shipping, 4 affecting Credit-card processing.

In contrast, there were no new changes/corrections for the version 4.10 General Ledger, module.

If you are using Mas90 or Mas200 version 4.10 and would like assistance with downloading or installing these changes, contact us at 678-273-4010 (support) or via our website: