How important is your software reseller when you buy software?

There are many companies that can sell you software that will help you to run your business. While we sell the Sage Accpac ERP, Sage MAS 90 ERP, and Sage MAS 200 ERP, so do many others. So why should you pick Friendly as your reseller?

For an answer you could talk to the many “orphans” who did purchase these products from other resellers who could deliver the software but could NOT deliver the service needed to make it meet the needs of the company who purchased it.

We joke about being an “orphanage” for many, many MAS 90 and MAS 200 customers who found they really needed an “Ally” and not a “Reseller”. Part of our success is due to our people being around a long time. Friendly has never had ANYONE leave our company to go work somewhere else in the 24 years that we have been in business.

Another reason for our success is that our service is provided by owners to your employees. We know the kind of service you demand. You want it fixed yesterday! That’s the kind of service we would expect and that is the kind of service Friendly Systems provides.

What I am saying is that the software is almost secondary to the ability of the reseller to help you to implement and support you in the process of setting up your system and then using it to get the return on investment you deserve.

Check out our website for testimonials to that fact: