Sage Software recently released a service update for their Mas90 and Mas200 4.10 version. It is labelled Service Update. Some corrections/enhancements include:

1 In Invoice History Inquiry, the Tracking Number will now be displayed in the Summary Package Tracking Inquiry window.

2 A progress meter has been added to Accounts Receivable Delete and Change Customers process.

3 Running Period End caused Similar named Customers information to be removed i.e. Customer 01-ROCK and 01-ROCKWELL. If 01-ROCK was a temporary customer then running period end caused Invoices of both 01-ROCK and 01-ROCKWELL to be removed.

4 For Repetitive Invoices that have a short customer number (for example; 01-AA, 01-AA1, 01-AA2) and have the same reference number the sales tax detail records will no longer be removed when the repetitive invoice for customer 01-AA is deleted.

5 The Credit Card Settlement Report now correctly lists post-authorizations under the company code after the Sales Journal is posted.

6 In the Aging and Finance Charge Section of the Accounts Receivable Options, If the Aging “Age Invoices By” is set to Due Date and then the Aging Category for Calculation is entered, and then subsequently the Aging Category By is changed to Invoice Date, the finance charges will now correctly be calculated.

7 Performance enhancements have been made in Finance Charge Entry.

8 In Cash Receipts Entry, the Invoice Amount now displays correctly when a Cash Receipt is entered, changed, recalled and changed again.

9 Future dated transactions no longer erroneously print on statements.

10 In UDF and Table Maintenance, creating a UDF for AR Cash Receipts detail and choosing the Data Source InvoiceNo will now correctly pull in the column assigned.

Remember that companies that have custom modifications to their Mas90 or Mas200 software should review their modifications before installing the service-update. If you have custom modifications, there is a potential for conflict, especially since service-updates include previous program changes in addition to the latest changes. It is possible, to install each of these corrections on an individual basis without involving the new or prior changes included in the service-update. See Sage's support website or contact your Sage reseller for details.