The Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 Sales Tax jurisdiction files SY_01,SY_02,…_03,…_04, SY_05 kept in the MAS90/SOA folder for versions up to 4.05 are kept in the MAS90/MAS_SYSTEM folder for version 4.10 using names such as SY_SalesTaxCode.M4T and SY_SalesTaxSchedule.M4T.
Keep this in mind if you transfer sales tax information between version 4.10 systems.
It can be confusing, since the older version files SY_01, SY_02, etc. are still on the 4.10 system in the Mas90/SOA folder, but are no longer used.
The Sales Tax Invoice Transaction detail information is still kept in the MAS_ccc/ARccc (ccc=company code) folder for each company. Up to version 4.05, this file was was named ARVccc.SOA In version 4.10 forward, this file is named AR_SalesTax.M4T and has a different structure than the ARVccc file used in earlier versions.