Business intelligence (BI) software is more than another program to install on your PC. BI software manages, analyzes, and presents your business information across platforms and devices. All types of this software are not created equally, however. In this way, Microsoft Power BI software provides businesses with the tools they need to succeed in the fast-paced world of the Internet.

Why Power BI for 2018?

More and more of our economy has moved to the web. This creates opportunities as well as problems. But what is the solution that works for you? In this world of competing marketplaces, multiple platforms, and widespread data, gathering all your info into one place poses problems. Microsoft’s Power BI software has the ability to convert data from multiple sources and turn it into useful visualizations as well as business analysis. Making decisions and using accurate information is easier with Power BI. It turns real-time data from a point-of-sale system, for example, into a usable graphic that stockers can use to order more products. It allows marketing to pick up on sale trends or customer needs in a new season or specific region. In other words, Power BI takes data you use every day and makes it work for you.

Industry-Specific and Business-Specific

Microsoft’s website features information on how Power BI can help specific, diverse industries. You can customize it generally based on whether you work in insurance or retail or telecommunications (and more). If you have specific needs, or are looking to expand into a new industry, Power BI’s partners can customize the software for your needs.

No two businesses are exactly alike. This means you need software that meets your needs– not more needs for your business to meet. Visit us at Friendly Systems to see what Microsoft Power BI can do for your business.