xTupleCommerce – What is it? it’s the next evolution of ERP software — letting your customers and other business partners engage with you digitally, in real-time, in the ways that you want to support the growth of your business. So if you change an Item, Order, etc. on your system, the information goes in real time directly to your website. Until now, ERP software really just concerned itself with the inside of your business — the systems that your employees use to buy, sell, make, and distribute stuff. Your ERP system is mainly concerned with making the inside of your business run smoothly.

xTupleCommerce focuses on bringing the outside world to you. The people that buy your products increasingly want to make their purchases online. They want the same easy experience that we consumers take for granted when we shop online. They want to know that their business relationship with you (things like special pricing and promotions) are reflected in what they see online. They want to see their order history, pay bills, and connect with customer service online. All these things and more is possible with xTupleCommerce.