Tech Tips – Sage MAS 90/200
Using Memo-display options for Reminders and Notices
Ever have a customer that says only authorized personnel may place orders?
Ever have a vendor who is offering great deals for a limited time?
How can you remind yourself and others in your company of these situations?

Mas90/200 Memo maintenance within customer and vendor maintenance allow you to set up a memo, then have it pop-up during a variety of functions such as Customer maintenance, Order/Invoice entry, PO Entry/Receipts/Returns, etc.

For Mas90/200 version 4.3, setup a memo, then change the Auto Display field to either Reminder Date, or Always then click on the Settings button and choose the functions that should display the memo. Note that the Reminder Date setting will allow you to set reminders up in advance, and limit their display beyond a certain date.

For earlier versions of Mas90/200, a simpler version of this function is available in memo setup by clicking the Display During Data Entry checkbox for a memo.