The Sage MAS 90 & MAS 200 Sales Order module has been enhancing the reporting of Miscellaneous Code item sales in their recent versions. Miscellaneous codes are used for a variety of things, including special labor or service charges, non-stocked items, and fees.

In versions up to 4.05, the Miscellaneous Charge Maintenance program on the Sales Order Setup menu reported Sales, Cost and Gross Profit% for Current-period, YTD and Prior Year. The report option did not allow you to export the data to an excel spreadsheet.

Beginning in version 4.10, the same program has added “returns” figures, and allows you to view these figures by year (2006,2007,etc) and period. Of course, since version 4.10 didn’t arrive until 2006, figures for years prior to 2006 were consolidated into period 12 on the screen or report. You can select the year to review figures by period on the screen or a report. Click the Print icon, and check the Print History Information box for a report version of the information. This version allows you to export the data to an excel spreadsheet.

In version 4.20, another report was added called Miscellaneous Item History by Period. Where is it? Not on the Sales Order Setup menu, but on the new Common Information menu (below Library Master). See the Reports menu under Common Information. It’s the only report on that menu. Selection options for this report allow you to select which figures are printed. It also allows you to select only items with figures above, below, or within a range of units, dollars, gross profit amount, or gross profit %. Now you can export this selected data to an excel spreadsheet.