Sage Mas90/200 version 4.20 has some nice new features for AP Vendors.

* You can set the remit-to-address to be updated automatically when the matching Vendor address is changed. See the AP Options Additional screen on the AP setup menu to activate this option. You may choose to make the changes automatically, or choose the “prompt” option if you want operators to be prompted before the address is changed.

* Prevent Incorrect Entry of Invoices for Goods Received. If invoices for some vendors will be received in Purchase Order Receipt of Invoice Entry instead of AP Invoice Data Entry, you can now select to be prompted during AP Invoice Data Entry to prevent double entry of invoices for goods received. See the right side of the Vendor Maintenance Additional screen for the checkbox which activates this option.

* View Invoice Transfer information from the originating Vendor. You can view the credit-card vendor information for transferred invoices. Previously only the receiving vendor displayed the originating vendor’s information. Now references from both the originating and receiving vendors simplify reconciliation. In Vendor maintenance or Inquiry, drill down on an invoice and select the payments tab. Click on a payment line and look for the additional icon displayed on the right. That will tell you the credit-card or payment-agent used to make the payment. It’s a helpful feature to have.