Which data to convert?

This is a question we often get from businesses who are contemplating a change from their existing business software systems. There is lots of data already captured and some of it is needed and some of it is not.

The cost of converting the data needs to be compared to the benefits that are gained from having historical data moved to the new system. A fixed price for the conversion is a key factor in your decision about converting data. If you can identify what you need and what you don’t, then your prospective reseller should be able to give you a dollar amount to convert the data desired.

When possible, get the cost to convert data that you consider “optrional”. Then you can more easily determine the return on investment (ROI) for that decision. For example, if you only compare your financials for the current and prior year, do you really need to bring over all the detail from the past 5 years? If your inventory balances are out of whack, do you need then moved to the new system?

Remember that usually you can keep the older system running, while you also use your new software system. This can give you the best of all possible worlds. In some cases, reports can be prepared using data from both the old and new systems if the basic data fields are storing the same types of data, using programs like Crystal Reports.

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