Friendly Systems has been working with Sage 100 and other on-premise ERP systems for over 25 years, and been 100% virtual office for most of that time. The publishers gave us a free internal use copy, so it didn’t cost us anything…except it did: there was a server to maintain, and a router and VPN to maintain for others to access it. If the power went out at my house, no one could connect.

Around the end of 2019, we began to look for a better way, and the winner of that research was Zoho One. Why?

First, bye bye server and VPN. Zoho is a true SAAS solution: nothing to install locally, runs in any web browser on any device, and it has actually usable apps for Android and iOS.

Zoho Books handles all the accounting needs, and the tags feature let me slim down the chart of accounts, while still gathering even more detailed information in the GL Each transaction gets tagged with the associated customer and/or vendor, which consultant, which software product, what type of work (support, implementation, programming), etc. The base income statement for Friendly Systems went from 4 pages to 1.

Zoho Analytics makes it easy to run comparisons across one or more tag categories, either looking at the numbers directly or via any of the multiple chart options. It comes with quite a few operational and financial reports right out of the cloud, and creating new ones is quite simple for the amount of power available.

Zoho CRM is the first CRM system we ever actually used on a daily basis. Most companies these days realize they need CRM, but getting user acceptance often requires some combination of cattle prod and goalie stick…I’ve been on both sides of that battle. Zoho CRM is about as painless as it gets.

Which still leaves over 40 more Zoho apps to write about. Stay tuned…

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