Sage has a website to search for or submit or vote on new product or feature for Sage 100.

Since this site was created, Sage has implemented 140 of the ideas suggested – so submit your ideas, then have your friends and associates vote and add comments on the benefits of your idea. If you have an idea, and don’t have time to do the searching and submitting, then e-mail the idea to and we will look it up for you.

If you have thoughts on:

  • A new idea, or would like to make a suggestion that may improve software program functionality or performance.
  • A desired feature in Sage 100 does not exist in a current program.
  • Sage 100 may be working as designed, but in a manner that is not optimal to your particular business’ processes

Then go to the Sage Ideas website at:

  1. Search for existing ideas using either of the following methods:
    1. Enter keywords in the What’s Your Idea? field and click Search
      • Note: To search a specific phrase, add quotes (for example: “pick list”)
    2. Click a Category in the right panel and scroll through the list
  2. If you do not see your idea listed, click the Create Your Idea button
  3. Enter your Sage log on and password to open the What is Your Idea? window. (same logon/psw you use for Sage Knowledge Base).
  4. In the Summary field, enter a brief description of your idea.
  5. In the More Details section, enter the following information, if possible:
    • Enough detail to help others understand the idea
    • Who would want the idea
    • Why it’s valuable to them (the business reason)
    • How it could be used
    • How this differs from other ideas or existing features (if applicable)
  6. In the Category field, select the category that best fits your idea
  7. Select the Vote for this idea check box if you would like to vote for it
  8. Click Create Idea button

Checking the status of existing ideas:

Note: Ideas in the Planning or Completed phase have a yellow or green tag to the right of the entry.

  • Latest – View the most recent submissions.
  • Hot – View the ideas with the most activity.
  • Top – View the most popular ideas, based on votes.
  • My Votes – View the ideas that you voted for.
  • Planned – View ideas currently being worked on
  • Completed – View ideas that have been implemented


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