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Sage 100 Version 2015 Enhancements

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

Sage 100 ERP  2015 Enhancements – due for release in Spring 2015

Library Master                                                                                        (includes System-wide Enhancements, Paperless Office, Customizer)
Pre-populated the SY_Country table in Sage 100 ERP with all the country codes. This includes the country codes already in Sage CRM and additional codes from the ISO standards.
Added a new User Preference to default to the current module when switching companies.
Added ability to optionally install Canadian Zip Code.
System Activity Log now displays which options are changed when any of the Setup Options records are updated (Framework modules only).
Country Code Maintenance now has a check box to require the State Code.
Added a module option to control exporting to Excel from ALE and right click within grids.
Added a module option to control printing from ALE lookups
Adding special help text to html page on launcher to explain how to set a default operand for lookups.
Sage Intelligence Viewer is now included in Role Maintenance for security.
Modified Company Preferences “Enable Company Specific Color” to also include borders/frames.
Added a link to L/M User Lookup Wizard from within each ALE Lookup.
Journal/Registers will now default the Print Full Comments checkbox to the last value used.
Customizer allows the user to create additional maintenance space on panels/forms for UDFs.  Adding special help text to html page on launcher.
Implemented performance improvements for printing checks and extended stubs to PDF through Paperless Office.
All reports now allow direct access to the associated Paperless Office Viewer by using the Save drop down menu.
Added UDF data sources in AP manual check to be consistent with check printing.
Added printing tasks for approximately 17 reports not previously available in Paperless Office.
Added printing tasks for RMA forms for Paperless Office.
Customizer examples and documentation for scripting will be added to Sage City as an on-going improvement.
Customer Relationship Manager Main Menu in Sage 100 ERP has been reordered to properly reflect integration steps.

General Ledger and Bank Reconciliation
Added ability to sort columns in Bank Rec entries using Excel as the model.
When entering an unformatted GL Account Number in report selections, the value will automatically be formatted just like Account Maintenance.
The GL Detail Report now prints Out of Balance when Total Debits are not equal to Total Credits.
Added a button in Account Maintenance on the Transactions tab to reverse a journal by creating the entries in General Journal Entry.
New sample bank format for the Positive Pay Export Wizard.
Added Sort and Selection by Account to the GL Account Audit Report.
Update the remit to name to Bank Rec (when “Print Remit To Information” is selected in check printing) instead of the Vendor Name. This is required for positive pay export.

Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Credit Card Processing
Manual Check and Payment Entry now allow access to the “Select Invoices” dialog for all purchase transfer vendors.
Adding special help text to html page on launcher for the AP Aged Invoice Report describing how the AP Option to include multiple companies functions.
Added Sort and Selection by Vendor to the AP Vendor Audit Report.
In Credit Card Processing, added the ability to perform a second credit card pre-authorization after the first one has expired.
When creating a *PRNT* check, the print button will still be accessible even after the check is initially printed and the check number is written to the table, allowing the check to be re-printed.
Salesperson Commission Report now has Pay Date as one of the selections.
Added Column Sorting to Select Invoices for Payment dialog from Invoice Payment Selection.
Added Column Sorting to Select Check and Electronic Payment Maintenance dialog in Check and Electronic Payment Maintenance.
Added Column Sorting to Select Manual Check and Payment Invoices and Select Vendor Transfer Invoices dialogs in Manual Check and Payment Entry.
Added Column Sorting to Select Vendor Transfer Invoices in A/P Invoice Data Entry.
Added Column Sorting to Select Cash Receipts Invoices dialog in Cash Receipts Entry.
Added Column Sorting to Select Customer Invoices dialog in AP from AR Clearing Entry (Period End Processing).
Added Sort and Selection by Customer to the AR Customer Audit Report.

Sales Order, Purchase Order and RMA
Added new columns to grid for allocated freight or landed cost, and sales tax to PO Receipt History Inquiry. Several new fields in Additional dialog as well.
Added Warehouse Code, Sales Tax Schedule, Exemption Info, FOB and Ship Via on PO Ship-To Address dialog.
Added an option for the Purchase Order forms to use the email address in data entry for Paperless Office.
Added Copy From to PO Entry using multiple sources.
Added a calculator to the Landed cost field. Also added calculator and calendar to multiple other locations.
Added new printing options for “Keep Source Document Open” for PO forms.
Added the Batch Number to “This order is currently being…” dialogs in Purchase Order.
Added a new PO Option on the Generate tab that allows the user to select to either sort by Item Code or Sales Order Line No. when creating a new PO through generation.
Added a new option on the Sales Order Printing dialog to allow orders on hold to be printed.
Added Vendor Memo button to main panel (outside folder region) of Purchase Order Entry dialog.
Added Vendor Memo button to main panel (outside folder region) of Receipt of Goods Entry dialog.
Added Vendor Memo button to main panel (outside folder region) of Receipt of Invoice Entry dialog.
Added Vendor Memo button to main panel (outside folder region) of Return of Goods Entry dialog.
A warning will now display when leaving the Item Packaging Maintenance dialog in Shipping Data Entry
and the quantity shipped does not match the quantity packed.
SO Quote History Inquiry fields Product Type, Product Line, Price code, Created by, etc. are now properly displaying.
Added the Batch Number to “This order is currently being…” dialogs in Sales Order.
Added Ship Via to Customer Ship-To Address dialog.
Added Customer Memo button to main panel (outside folder region) of Sales Order Entry dialog.
Added Customer Memo button to main panel (outside folder region) of Invoice Entry dialog.
Added a new option to the Sales Order Printing dialog to prevent orders on hold from being printed.
Added a button to launch RMA Entry from Sage CRM.

Inventory and Bill of Materials
Added a new field in Item Maintenance Transactions tab to drill into the GL Source Journal.
Added Copy From for Product Line.
Added new Module Options to allow access to each Inventory Transaction Entry type.
Added a new option in Bill of Materials Options to synchronize the first line of the item description when both the item description and bill descriptions are the same. This option does not apply if the item has an extended description.
Added Sort and Selection by Item to the IM Item Audit Report.
Copy Item in Item Maintenance now allows the user to exclude Item Vendors and Alias Items.
In Item Maintenance, added the ability to launch Bill of Materials Maintenance.
Added separate Role Maintenance security for Item Vendors Maintenance accessed through Item Maintenance.
Last Physical Count Date will now update by Item and Warehouse. Both fields are now viewable in Item Maintenance/Inquiry.

Sage City Forums for product questions and tips

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

Visit Sage City’s On-line Forums for questions and discussions of Sage product features.  Also short descriptive videos and an Ideas (suggestion box) area where you can voice your desires for new product features.  Click on the links below …

Sage 100 Forums   Sage 300 Forums  SageCRM Forums

xTuple University – New On Line Training available

Sunday, August 24th, 2014

For xTuple users, this is an excellent resource – and there is a free trial available for you and your staff to view.  With high-definition videos, you can get started faster, dive deeper into complex topics, answer frequently asked questions, and provide dependable training for new employees.
Try their FREE Trial offer through October 12th and check out the training videos at xTuple University.   See:

Migrating from discontinued Sage software products

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

Companies using discontinued Sage products can still receive discounts by migrating to one of Sage’s flagship products, including Sage 100 (MAS 90  and MAS 200), and Sage 300 (Accpac) under the Sage Investment Protection Plan.   Sage products being discontinued include:  SagePro, BusinessWorks, Batchmaster, Platinum for Windows, VisionPoint and Sage 500.  Companies will receive credits for their existing  user-licenses (for both companies on maintenance plans and off-plan) when they migrate.  The current incentives will last until September of 2014. 

Friendly Systems, Inc. can help you evaluate Sage 100 (MAS 90 & MAS 200),  Sage 300 (Accpac) and other products so you can consider your upgrade choices and take advantage of the Investment Protection Plan offer. 

xTuple ERP  Friendly Systems has also assisted companies in migrating from their expiring software to xTuple ERP, one of the top open-source manufacturing & distribution software packages.  xTuple ERP software offers several editions, continued improvements and an Open Source philosophy.  The Postbooks version is free, runs on the robust PostgreSQL database engine and serves as a platform for the more advanced commercial versions, but many businesses are running fine on the Postbooks version.  xTuple is listed in InfoWorld’s 2012 and 2013 Best of Open Source Software (Bossie Awards) in the ERP catagory.  Announced Sept 2014 – xTuple made InfoWorld’s 2014 Best of Open Source Software list.

Sage’s Platinum for Windows and SagePro being retired. Sage’s Migration offer also expires March 15th

Friday, January 17th, 2014

Sage’s Platinum for Windows and SagePro products are being retired as of March 31, 2014.

Sage Platinum For Windows was written using the Microsoft Visual Basic programming language. Microsoft ended support for Visual Basic in 2008.  SagePro is based on Microsoft’s Foxpro technology.  On January 12, 2010 the mainstream support for Microsoft Visual FoxPro ceased.

Sage currently supports these platforms for Sage PFW ERP and SagePro customers, but that will end March 31st, 2014.  Companies using Sage Platinum for Windows  or SagePro can receive significant discounts by migrating to one of Sage’s flagship products, including Sage Sage 100 (MAS 90  and MAS 200), and Sage 300 (Accpac)  under the Sage Investment Protection Plan.  This is an important deal, and it should be reviewed as part of companies’ strategic planning.    Companies will receive credits for their existing  user-licenses (both companies on maintenance plans and off-plan) when they migrate. This offer will expire on March 15th, 2014.  Friendly Systems, Inc. can help you evaluate Sage 100 (MAS 90 & MAS 200),  Sage 300 (Accpac) and other products  for your future needs.  Do you have customized software?  We can also modify Sage 100 (MAS 90 & MAS 200) and other products to suit your specific needs.  In addition to Sage 100 (Mas90/200) and Sage 300 (Accpac) modifications, we are dealers for one of the top open-source manufacturing software packages, xTuple.  Call us or see our website for more info.


United Cerebral Palsy could use your help

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

We received the following from Laura Heise, Director of Finance at United Cerebral Palsy in Atlanta, and we’d like to do our part to spread the word:

Stand with me to support those with disabilities in your community!

The State of Georgia has been looking at new rates for agencies who care for the developmentally disabled (like United Cerebral Palsy of Georgia-UCP) for quite some time-years in fact. We have yet to see any rate increase but the State is taking up the issue again and we need your help. Getting a rate increase means we can afford to pay a decent wage to our caregivers and provide enough caregivers in our programs to allow our consumers to live a life without limits.

Attached is a document labeled “talking points” which explains how rates to support those with disabilities have evolved over time—to demonstrate to you that we do really need an increase to help support our consumers. Imagine trying to run your business or household on the same income that you had in 2003—10 years ago? That seems ridiculous but that is exactly what UCP has had to do for the last 10 years.

I am asking you to contact your legislators and tell them that you care about people with disabilities in Georgia. Attached are sample letters and talking points you can use to do that. This link takes you to a page where you can click use a map to click on your home area/city and it will then tell you who your local legislators are: (use the plus sign on the map and your mouse to navigate around the state to find your home area/city.)

Thanks for considering helping in our efforts—and tell your friends and neighbors too. Again, if you have questions in order to make your decision, feel free to ask me.

xTuple ERP 4.2.0 is now available with new features

Monday, November 18th, 2013

As many ERP vendors continue to scale back their investments in product development, xTuple is innovating at the intersection of new technology and industry best practices. xTuple’s next-generation Mobile Web solution runs on any modern tablet or smartphone, is completely interoperable with the xTuple Desktop client, and is available for on-premise xTuple installations and/or the xTuple Cloud service.

Recently released xTuple ERP 4.2 includes multiple enhancements to CRM, Project, Purchasing and Sales modules in the Desktop client, including the ability to edit Work Orders within Sales Orders (a key feature for wholesale distributors); major enhancements to Lot/Serial tracking; and a system-wide implementation of document management, with the ability to attach documents of any type to any order, form, or base record.

The Mobile Web client now includes several functional elements of the Inventory module, including the ability to issue stock from a sales order, and both clients include hundreds of minor bug fixes and other enhancements,.

Multiple enhancements to Project
Updated Project List screen to show Projects, Project Tasks, and all associated Orders
New filter on Project List allows filtering by Project, Task, and Order
Combined Tasks and Order Activity on Project screen
Added Characteristics to Projects
Added support for Project Types

Edit Work Orders on the Sales Order Item screen

Manage job items during sales order entry

Hot Docking report
Show items that were just received that have demand

Alternate routings

Support for multiple active BOOs per Item

Receiving enhancements
Enter Lot/Serial characteristics on receiving screen

Sales Order Item enhancements
Add Alias to Item Widget type-ahead search
Modify BOM and BOO when copying Items

PO Enhancements
Add PO lookup feature
Unrelease POs

Document Tab now available everywhere the Comment Tab is
Attach documents in more places than ever

Characteristics added to Sales Orders, Invoices, and Purchase Orders
Expanded capability for linking custom information

Let us know if you’re interested in more information on considering xTuple for your ERP solution.

New SageCRM version 7.2b features

Friday, November 15th, 2013

Sage has announced new features for SageCRM version 7.2b.   This upgrade is available for Sage 100 (MAS 90/200) ERP 2013 PU4 version and Sage 300 (Accpac) ERP 2012 (v6.1).

New Mobile SageCRM apps.  Deliver a great customer service with real time information, answers and results.

Sage CRM Sales Lite For sales users on the road who need up-to-date information on their phone, even when out of coverage. Sage CRM Sales Lite gives users mobile access to their Sage CRM data, tasks and appointments, and integrates the iPhone allowing users to track and log outbound calls, email and SMS activities.

New features for iPhone, iPad and Windows 8 and Android devices.  Including Windows 8 Sales Tracker app.

Social CRM features for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  View Company or Facebook details on your CRM screen.

SageCRM collaboration powered by Yammer.  Business collaboration for individual users and teams of users allowing them to collaborate with Yammer Groups, across records using Yammer Topics.  Drive productivity through better team collaboration.  Sales managers can get better insight into team performance and the largest deals through employee conversations.

Improved Reporting features built in to SageCRM 7.2b.   All charts generated in HTML5 – so Flash is not required.  Full access to Fusion Charts for further report customization.  New chart-types and drill down capability.



Creating Custom Lookups in Sage 100 (Mas 90/200)

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Most of the data entry screens in Sage 100 ERP contain a lookup option for various fields. Customer Maintenance, for example, contains lookups for the customer number, salesperson number, terms code and other fields. If you press the magnifying-glass lookup icon, you are able to scroll through a listing of all your customers, salespeople, etc. For customer codes, the lookup panel contains the customer number, customer name, zip code and phone number. You can customize any of these lookup panels to meet your needs. You can change the data elements that are displayed, change the arrangement of the data and even add calculated data fields to the lookup. By customizing the displayed data in your lookup, you can create “mini” reports to give you information almost instantly.  An excel-button on the bottom right of the screen automatically exports the data on your lookup to excel,  or you can print the screen results.

Procedures for creating custom lookups:   Click the magnifying-glass icon for the field you are looking up, then note the CUSTOM button on the lower-left of the screen.   CUSTOM leads you to screens that help you create as many custom lookups as desired, and you can choose one of your custom lookups as your default-lookup instead of the standard lookup provided.   You can add or delete data fields to your lookups, change the order of the fields displayed, add selection criteria for the records retrieved and even add new calculated-fields to any of your custom lookups. You can also have your Custom lookups use selection-filters to limit the entries displayed – such as selecting “Georgia Customers” or COD Terms customers.  If you spend a lot of time hunting for information in your system: customers, vendors, invoices, etc – take some time to experiment with the custom-lookup features provided.   Let us know if we can help.



xTuple ERP again makes the list of Best Open Source Software

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

xTuple ERP software offers several editions, continued improvements and an Open Source philosophy.  The Postbooks version is free, runs on the robust PostgreSQL database engine and serves as a platform for the more advanced commercial versions, but may businesses are running fine on the Postbooks version.

The xTuple PostBooks version(free download) is one of the most downloaded products on SourceForge.  It includes extensive Accounting features plus Inventory, Sales Order, Purchase Order,  Bill-of-Material, Workorder and also multi-bin capabilities, kitting, and an assemble-to-order configurator.  It is built on the scalable PostreSQL open source database.  If your business has reached the limits of your current software, or if you are looking for a  solution that you can grow with, then xTuple PostBooks can help. xTuple PostBooks is the ideal business software platform for many small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).  xTuple is listed in the InfoWorld 2013 Best of Open Source Software (Bossie Awards) in the ERP catagory.  xTuple was also a winner of this award in 2012.

xTuple’s commercially licensed editions include:

Standard – all of the Postbooks functions plus multi-warehouse,  emailing documents, EDI, lot/serial control, RMA, revision control, and MRP (material requirements planning).

Project Edition – which is the Standard Edition plus project accounting.

Manufacturing Edition provides everything you need to run a sophisticated modern shop. it features multi-plant MRP, production scheduling, bills of operations, breeder bills for process manufacturing, capacity planning, and more.

Enterprise Edition—Manufacturing, Project, Web portal, Fixed Assets, xTuple Connect (formerly Batch Manager) data integration, plus the new Advanced Commissions module.  For a comparison of features among these additions, see:

See our website for more information on using xTuple ERP software for your business.