In today’s digital world, integrating systems and making products available online have big impacts. xTuple’s xTupleCommerce business-to-business (B2B) web store allows you to do both. Check out what adding this customizable service can do for your existing business processes!

What Can xTupleCommerce Do for My Business?

xTupleCommerce hopes to make ecommerce easier by connecting businesses with each other via software they already use. Enrolling in the marketplace lets you sell or purchase products and services from other businesses using xTuple. It also allows you to customize prices based on the client. Got a small amount of extra product? Using xTupleCommerce’s easy marketplace, you can negotiate the price with another user and ship it off instead of letting it languish on the shelf. Come across a startup that needs a little more support integrating your product as they work out the kinks in their new business? Easily alter prices to accomodate more hours of employee labor.

In addition to flexibility, xTupleCommerce saves you time and money. Instead of operating through separate POS and inventory systems, customers can purchase directly from the systems you already use. This helps eliminate bookkeeping/accounting or human errors and instantly get sales, inventory, and purchasing numbers. Imagine being able to pull up one unified software program and get both sides of a business, as well as look for what you need from other businesses!

Customizing xTupleCommerce

Do you offer discounts, coupons, and special packages during specific times of the year? Are you a bargain hunter, always looking for ways to save? Either way, xTupleCommerce offers a way to change or negotiate prices. It’s easy to display savings for customers, and even easier to take advantage of savings offered by other businesses. You can also put credit holds on specific customers when payments get backed up without disturbing other sales, or keep your whole ecommerce store private, available only to certain businesses.

Why B2B?

By creating an easy-to-use, customizable marketplace that requires little overhead cost, xTupleCommerce reduces costs to businesses. Instead, businesses deal directly with each other, negotiating prices, building customized service packages, and creating relationships they might never have before. Business-to-business sales make shopping for important supplies and services even easier, and it lets you meet more than local businesses. Find exactly what you need at the right price for you, no matter where your physical business is located.

How Do I Get xTupleCommerce?

Got xTuple for your business? Need to add or explore this option to see if it’s right for your business? For existing xTuple users, adding xTupleCommerce is easy! To get xTupleCommerce for your business and for help integrating your business processes, check out the Friendly Systems xTuple page.

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